GSC Website Update

Welcome to the new Greystones Sailing Club website. The original site has been happily serving for us for just over a decade, however due to a number of core building blocks running without service updates for quite sometime the stability and functionality of the site was beginning to degrade.

It’s important to recognise the time and effort from volunteers in the club throughout the years who have provided their input and expertise on maintaining the current website and developing possible new alternatives. Thank you to everyone who has devoted time to the site.

Often in situations like this it is more effective to start from scratch, despite the considerable effort involved. As technology speeds ahead how we interact with the internet has evolved, now almost 60% of internet browsing is done on our mobile phones. With that in mind the new GSC website is being designed to cater for users accross a range of devices.

Mobile traffic has doubled since this GSC site was first launched.

The new GSC Website is being built to cater to two primary audiences. First and foremost club members who need quick and direct access to racing results, club notices, and sailing and social events. With the new homepage sidebar the next few events are easily visible with a full calendar available showing all upcoming events. Additionally there will be a dynamic list of important links for things like membership renewals, junior and adult training courses, race event registrations, etc.

Secondly, as the population of Greystones explodes there is an ever greater need to provide comprehensive and easily digestible information for those new to the town or new to sailing altogether. Sailing is an incredible activity and the GSC community has always been welcoming, we’re just going to improve how we communicate this.

New Important Links & Events Sidebar

Currently, even though everything has been built from the ground up, the new GSC website is little more than a mobile friendly facelift of the previous site. Most everything is exactly where you would have found it previously. Now that the underlying structure is no longer in fear of collapse we can put the time and effort previously used to keep the site running into real improvements in usability and content.

If you have suggestions on content, features or functionality you would like to see implemented on GSC or if something isn’t working quite right, please feel free to reach out and let us know.