Irish Enterprise Class Reunion

All past and present Enterprise dinghy sailors are invited to a class reunion in Greystones Sailing Club on Saturday 8th June at 7PM. We hope you will join us as we take a look back at what was one of the great eras in Irish sailing. We expect a memorable night of reminiscing. The waves will have got bigger, the winds stronger and everyone will have drunk at least 30% more. The results, however, will remain the same. (The boat in front will remember where you were). On the night, we will display as much memorabilia as we can assemble. All contributions welcome.

The event has attracted huge interest on Facebook (see (1) Enterprise Class Reunion 2024 Greystones SC 8th June | Facebook)

Please join the group and feel free to post any photographs, event results or other bits and pieces you may have or send them to Fiachra Etchingham:

Cost, to include a two-course meal, is €35

Anne Usher

Heather King

Fiachra Etchingham


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